Is it safe to use your pottery with food?
Yes. Our glazes have been certified by the relevant body to comply with European norms and regulations for food safety.

Do I need to take special care handling or cleaning the pottery?
No. We fire the pieces to 1050 degrees centigrade, resulting in a very durable, waterproof and heat resistant finish. Our ware can go in a microwave, conventional oven and dishwasher.

Where can I buy the ceramics shown on this site?
The only place to purchase the full range of the work shown, is from our studio/shop in Portugal, but we now have a selection of tiles and prints that can be ordered online here. Please take a look at the "shop" section of this site.

Can I order tiles with a custom design?
Yes, though it's not economical to create a unique design for a single tile or small panel, but may be possible if you wish to order multiple copies of a design or a large mural . You can send an email to: outlining your idea and we will reply quickly, to let you know if we can help you. (e.g. We recently had an interesting commission to design a tile sign for "Casa de TorreĆ£o", a small rural tourism project, (see the "tile: lettering" section on this) and in that case, the client also wanted a series of tiles with the design for promotional purposes, which made the job viable.